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For the past four years, I have suffered from lower back pain and pain in both of my legs. The pain was affecting my everyday life.

An MRI had shown that I was suffering from a bulging disc, a protruding disc, and nerve impingement. I had tried regular chiropractic adjustments and epidural injections to help with the pain, but these options only gave me temporary relief.

Then, a friend told me about Dr. Joey Koerner and spinal decompression. I called the office and Dr. Koerner was able to get me in right away. After about the first week of treatment, I had already noticed a big difference.

I finished treatments with Dr. Koerner about a month ago, and I can happily say that I am pain free. The staff at Dr. Koerner’s office is not only professional and friendly, but they treat you like you are part of the family.

If you are suffering from any kind of back or neck pain, I would highly recommend that you give Dr. Koerner a call.


My name is Richard, and I have been suffering from lower back pain for about 10 years. I was originally diagnosed with sciatica and a herniated disc.

I have tried epidurals and physical therapy over the years but nothing seemed to really help. At times, just getting dressed could be a challenge.

A co-worker of mine suggested that I try spinal decompression. He recommended that I see Dr. Koerner DC at Koerner Chiropractic. Dr. Koerner got me in his office right away for a free consultation. He agreed that I was a perfect candidate for spinal decompression treatments.

I started treatment that same week and I am now nearing the end of my treatments. I can honestly say it was changed my life so far. I can be more active without the intense pain I used to feel.

If you are suffering from back pain, I highly recommend Dr. Koerner and the spinal decompression treatments. He and his staff are polite, professional, and make you feel like family. Stop your suffering and give Dr. Koerner a call today.


This is my second knee replacement in five months. Both times, Dr. Carly Davis was my physical therapist. She was encouraging and goal oriented. She not only worked me hard, but gently. She also brought me to a level I didn't think was possible. Carly has been in the operating room and has observed several total knee replacement surgeries. When a patient says they hurt, she understands why. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Davis to anyone needing physical therapy.

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